Central Florida Irrigation Maintenance & Sprinkler Repair

Every Irrigation system is designed to work optimally. In order for it to continue working great it is important to take care of possible leaks, broken sprinklers and valves as well as pumps and controllers that might need a check up. We do regular inspections but if you get a utility bill that is higher than normal it might be a good idea to request a property inspection.

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Irrigation Leak Detection

Save Money by Stoping Water Waste

Leaks can occur because of pipes not connecting propely. Leaks can be costly as water is wasted at these broken connections. It is often hard to detect where the leak is situated, we have all the right equipment to detect the leaks and repair them as soon as possible.

Do you suspect a leak? Contact us.



Sprinkler Check and Repair

Sprinklers can sometimes get clogged up with soil or other substances. This will change the amount of water distrubuted and can also put stress on your pipes because of the pressure.

If you see a patch on your lawn or in your Landscape that does not look like it is getting sufficient water it might be a broken sprinkler. Give us a call and we will come check it out, this includes irrigation repair Orlando and irrigation repair Clermont.

Valve Replacement - Repair and Replace Automatic Valves

Valves control the water released, valves work with pressure. If the pressure of your irrigation system is not correct according to the valves, they will not function properly. If a valve has a broken component it might not work meaning your plants are not getting what they need. It is important to check the valves regularly to ensure the system is working.

Irrigation Pump Maintenance

Your water pump acts as a "heart" for your irrigation system, pushing the water through the pipes to the areas where it is needed. It is essential to maintain your pump to ensure the water gets where it is supposed to go.

Controller Maintenance and Seasonal Controller Reset

Smart controllers are your personal weathermen on site. The controller is set to command the irrigation system according to the needs of your property.

Even though Smart Controllers are great they sometimes needs a service and need to be reset to ensure they are giving the correct commands per season. The smart controller acts like a "brain" for your irrigation system, nothing can function without a good "brain".