Central Florida Irrigation Services

Elite Irrigation Maintenance offers all the irrigation services you need for your property. We take care of irrigation for residential as well as commercial properties. We focus on designing a system that works for you and your property. We install systems that comply with your local areas' rules and regulations. We advise you on how to maintain the system and we do regular inspections to make sure everything is working properly. Our goal is to provide you with a system that will make your property look amazing & save you money and water.

Personal Training

Irrigation System Design

Water Wise Design

We take the natural environment of your property into account when designing an irrigation system. Water collects at the lowest point of your property. This is important to keep in mind, water does not distribute evenly. It is therefore important to have a system that takes the natural flow of water into account.

Our water wise designs which are custom-made for every property. Taking all the natural aspects in account we design irrigation systems that optimize water use. We design your system to save water, saving you money and making sure you are doing your bit for the environment.


A landscape has a natural design, plants have a habit of growing where they get the right amount of sunlight and the right amount of water. Plants that do not need a lot of sunlight will typically grow in the shade. The same goes for plants that need a lot of water, they will typically grow in the zones of your property that receive the most water and where water collects.

We identify the different zones on your property and then we design an irrigation system that suits your property.

We are proud to offer our expert irrigation services to Orange County, Lake County, and Seminole County. Our services include:

Irrigation System Design

Irrigation System Installation

Irrigation System Maintenance

Sprinkler Head Replacement

Irrigation system valve and controller maintenance

Irrigation Repair Orlando & Irrigation Repair Clermont

Our Commitment to Quality Products and Service

It is important to not only make your property look beautiful but we also have to make sure the water use makes sense. We design an irrigation system that will fit the needs of every plant on your property as well as your lawns. Irrigation systems are there to help your plants get exactly what they need when they need it. Our irrigation systems are inconspicuous to keep the natural feel of your landscape or property.

Irrigation System Installation

Professional Irrigation System Installation

We have highly certified technicians who are trained with the top notch equipment we have to do our installations. We only use the best sprinklers, valves, pipes, controllers and pumps. All of our components are top quality that ensure optimal water use.

Types of common products we serve include Hunter, Rain Bird and many more. We also install and service WIFI Based Controllers and Smart Based Controllers


Lawn and Shrub Sprinklers

Lawn and shrub sprinklers are used to cover large areas. We identify the range and amount of water needed for your property and then strategically place the sprinklers to cover the whole desired area without wasting any water.

Lawn and shrub sprinklers have different ranges and water outputs, we select the ones that are perfect for your property and area.

Micro Irrigation

Micro sprinklers are great to cover smaller planted patches. Depending on the water needs of the plants that need irrigation we will select sprinklers that give provide the perfect amount of water and distribution thereof every time.

Lawn Sprinkler Installation

Your lawn needs a certain amount of water at a certain time of day. There is nothing more beautiful than a great green lawn. We inspect the property and install a sprinkler system that will provide for your lawn.

Save Water - Save Money

Drip systems are typically installed in flower beds as well as in greenhouses. Some plants need a slow influx of water to make sure they have enough time to absorb the water. Drip irrigation is the answer for these plants. Instead of a short period where lots of water is distributed over a large area. Drip irrigation offers the possibility to give a small group of plants the exact amount of water they need.

Our Commitment

Our Commitment

We are committed to provide you with honest, complete and detailed information about our services and about irrigation in central Florida in general. Our commitment is extended towards the environment. With all installation we do an environment impact analysis. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any question you have. We are happy to reply.